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Our Company

Rolopack SA. is a Greek manufacturing company with long experience in the plastics industry and a leading position in the domestic market. It offers a wide range of highly durable and hygiene products, manufactured in our state of the art premises. We rely on high technology and expertise, and we are supported by our highly trained staff and a nationwide distribution network.

Our company's brands are:

  • EL-EF, our premium line
  • RODO, our economy line

With the EL-EF garbage bags, RoloPack has welcomed a new era in our industry as the EL-EF launch, marked the first time a storage or disposal bag product was linked to supporting a good cause:

"The Smile of the Child" Organization

Aside from garbage bags, our company produces food storage bags, clothing and rug storage bags, dry cleaner bags, table cloth rolls and hardware store items.

The great expertise and the continuous quality controls in our products' manufacturing process guarantee our customers' loyalty and trust.
Furthermore, RoloPack S.A. manufactures private label goods for the largest retail networks